Benefits of ThinLine

Why Buy ThinLine?

Performance Enhancement for Riders:

Due to its unique technology ThinLine stabilizes the rider allowing them to sit more quietly (better equitation) and do more with lighter aids. ThinLine absorbs more shock than any other product yet it is so thin it allows the horse and rider to feel each other thus establishing a better connection and better harmony.

While we knew this for years ThinLine finally did some independent testing on rider movement with a plain cotton pad vs. a Cotton pad with Ultra ThinLine. The scientific results were amazing even to us. ThinLine clearly demonstrates it is the only product producing such a large effect on rider performance.

Performance Enhancement for Horses:

ThinLine distributes so much impact and distributes so much weight and heat horses are more comfortable in their work. Add to this our anti-slip feature and you will see horses growing in confidence and balance. ThinLine horses use their backs more, traveling deeper and rounder than horses without a shock absorbing pad.

Therapeutic Benefits for Both Horses and Riders:

When we discuss other pads with potential customers we ask if the pad they use produces a noticeable difference in their backs. The rider answer is always no. If a saddle pad is truly working for a horse the rider should feel it in their back too as the spinal column of the rider is connected to that of the horse. ThinLine is the only product on the market endorsed by Spinal Surgeons and is carried on veterinary, equine chiropractic and equine massage therapists